Naming Conventions

File naming can cause all kinds of trouble but it is real easy to get right. Of course, you can name your files whatever you'd like, but here are 2 simple suggestions to help you avoid trouble:

  1. Avoid relative terms. Terms like "NEW", "OLD" and "FINAL" are relative to the time they are created. In 10 months new will be old, and old may be obsolete; and final may be anything but final. 
    A much better naming convention is just to number files: 
    Filename002, etc.
  2. Use the date. Starting with the year in 4 digits followed by the month and then followed by the day in that order and without spaces. For example:
    20110617 Filename 001.jpg
    This automatically lists files in the order of their creation in any digital storage system. If you use directories (folders) with the same kinds of naming conventions then your filing is very easy to make sense of later one and by someone else. for example:
    ClientX Logos
           20110617 Filename 001.jpg
           20110902 Filename 002.jpg
    ClientX Icons
           20110617 Filename 001.jpg
           20110902 Filename 002.jpg
  3. It's also a good idea to remove spaces and add capital letters for new words. There are still some operating systems and browsers that battle to understand spaces. for example:

Using these simple naming conventions will automatically sort your files into the most recent first in the list on AssetBrand, on your office computer, in fact on any digital record.

Why manage Brand Assets?

Brand Assets are prone to the laws of entropy. They tend to get out of control. Colors become sketchy, font choices become marginal and the logo itself looks less and less like the original as time goes on. They need managing!

But for most designers it's an added administration function to manage brand assets for their clients. simplifies the consistency of brand assets.