Brand Designer

Questions from Graphic Designers:

Q: How can this online system benefit my company?

A: AssetBrand is designed by designers, for designers. Our system is designed primarily to streamline your communication with your clients, especially if you are a brand designer!
Every designer deals with third party suppliers, and despite the fact that you created your client's brand usage guide they don't have the time or the skills to really use it.
AssetBrand removes the time consuming administration of getting the right brand data into the right hands.


Q: What do I get for my ongoing subscription?

A: Your ongoing subscription gives you the AssetBrand Brand Asset Management tool for you to manage your client's brand assets and make them available in an organized way for for your clients and other 3rd party suppliers.


Q: Is naming files a big deal, do you have any advice as to the best way to name files?

A: Yes it is a big deal. Poor naming conventions can really play havoc on any digital filing system. We suggest that you follow our simple naming convention to help streamline your AssetBrand experience as well as your own filing and archive.


Q: Why can't I just use a free file sharing program?

A: Generic file sharing systems are great tools. But they don't solve the specific problem of Brand Asset management and distribution.

For one thing you really don't want your client's suppliers to have access to your personal file sharing service.
For another you are probably going to run out of space with a free service, but your'e not with AssetBrand.

But mostly they are just not convenient for brand assets. You have to invite someone that you don't know to share your folder, and you don't even know that they're looking for the logo you have.
You end up with the same problem, your client frantically looking for your phone number so that their supplier can get a login to your folders.

AssetBrand is a specific solution to the brand asset distribution problem.


Q: Can I use AssetBrand on my mobile device?

A: Yes AssetBrand is mobile ready.


Brand Owner

Questions from Brand Owners:

Q: What would be the advantage to my company to have an online system that hosts my brand assets?

A: The biggest advantage is that you get your brand material delivered on time, accurately and in the right colors. 
Accurate branding will no longer be reliant on one department or individual. You don't need to load an overworked individual with the burden of knowing where all your company's brand assets are and which ones need to get to which supplier. You also don't need to try and get hold of your Brand's designer every time you need a logo in a specific format, a color or a font specification.
As you know, there are few things as frustrating as buying a range of branded pens for a conference, or embroidered shirts for a golf day and then running around trying to get the right logo format to the supplier.
AssetBrand takes care of it for you, you just give your supplier a URL and they have what they need.

AssetBrand has reserved a place for:

  1. Your logos in all their formats, flat, spot, cmyk, vector and pixel.
  2. Your brand usage guide if you have one, no more hunting for that CD!
  3. Your corporate colors and corporate font information

Plus we are always developing AssetBrand, adding new features and updates.


Q: How do the separate logins work and who uses them?

A: The designer can upload and name all your brand assets is a way that you and your 3rd party suppliers can understand.
Brand owners, suppliers: printers, promotional companies, events organizers, press, etc are able to go to the brand URL and get everything they need to reproduce the brand accurately and quickly.


Q: What if my Graphic Designer is not on AssetBrand?

A: AssetBrand works best as a communication tool between brand owner and graphic designer. AssetBrand is owned and managed by Access IPD who offer a full graphic design service, any designer can get an AssetBrand account and manage their own brand assets.


Q: Why can't I just send an e-mail?

A: Your suppliers cannot reproduce your logo at a better quality than it is supplied to them. If they need a flat vector file in 2 color for a vinyl cut and you supply a 72dpi full color logo at 170 pixels wide you are going to be disappointed with the results. 

Take the guesswork out of supplying logos, send them to an AssetBrand URL for your brand that has everything laid out and they can pick the brand element they need.

AssetBrand ensures that you have the right files at your fingertips. Following our naming convention will also save you a great deal of time, stress and print errors.

Why manage Brand Assets?

Brand Assets are prone to the laws of entropy. They tend to get out of control. Colors become sketchy, font choices become marginal and the logo itself looks less and less like the original as time goes on. They need managing!

But for most designers it's an added administration function to manage brand assets for their clients. AssetBrand.com simplifies the consistency of brand assets.