What is AssetBrand?

print2Brand Asset Management

Brand Usage Guides are great, but when you need them can you actually find them? AssetBrand solves the desperate hunt for the right logo, color, image or other brand asset (including the Brand Usage Guide) when it counts the most.

Once you have populated AssetBrand you simply give your clients an AssetBrand URL and they, or their supplier, can get the brand asset they need, simple, easy, no fuss.

Why manage Brand Assets?

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Brand Assets are prone to the laws of entropy. They tend to get out of control. Colors become sketchy, font choices become marginal and the logo itself looks less and less like the original as time goes on. They need managing!

But for most designers it's an added administration function to manage brand assets for their clients. AssetBrand.com simplifies the consistency of brand assets.

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